What Is Online Reputation Management?

And Why It Matters to Your Business


The Internet is the new first impression. People don’t ask for references anymore, they search Google. Negative search results damage your life and business in the click of a mouse. Nearly as important, having no reputation drives clients to competitors. You CAN change your search results.

Online reputation management controls everything about you or your business online, including websites, blog posts, social media, and images. A good reputation shows that you are an expert in your field, and this means business–resulting in more site traffic and more sales.

Online Reputation Repair

The best repair approach is to create excellent, engaging but targeted content, focused on your client’s needs.

Online Reputation Building Social Media Build and More

Social media is the main focus here, but content creation and search engine optimization all are used to build an excellent online presence to help drive traffic and generate sales.

Online Reputation Monitor

Knowing what is being said about you is the first step. If something negative appears, its crucial to respond immediately and build a positive reputation.

Customized approach, helping professionals and companies build, boost and repair their online reputation

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A business deal went bad because a competitor posted negative information on a blog site purposely, destroying my online reputation. I contacted Recover Reputation, and they helped save my life.

M. T., New York, Law Professional.

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Online Reputation Management Repair

Building Good content suppresses the negative


While it might be possible to remove negative links, images and content, usually the best approach is to inundate the internet with targeted, effective and well formulated content, which includes blog posts, images, and video.

The key is developing a customized, hands-on approach, which includes researching and creating the best content, and most importantly, knowing where to share it. The benefits include protecting your name and brand, controlling your business identity, and providing the best image of your company.  There are no shortcuts–just hard work, and well crafted content.

Actual Before

Online reputation management before

Actual After

Online reputation management after

This is a case study from an actual client. Here, searching for this professional who ran a small practice, four negative links showed up on the top of a Google search for his business name. We were able to analyze the issue, and create a customized content and social media solution. The result was the negative issue was pushed off the first two pages, replaced with good information that we generated.

How Do We Repair Your Online Reputation?


Key Search Terms


Search Engine Optimization


Social Media


Content Creation

Repair Services


negative, misleading, inaccurate and damaging content, if possible.


damaging content such as lies, rumors, or other hurtful material from showing up in your search results.

Push down

harmful reviews or anonymous posts from troublesome sites such as RipOffReport or other review sites.


bad press, news reports, blog posts or published articles.


great news about you, showing that you are an expert in your field.


positive information that reflects your true image, including both visual and written content.

The best approach is to create effective but targeted content

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My business was ruined. Someone–I’m sure it was an ex-employee–started an online smear campaign forcing me to close the businesses. I discovered Recover Reputation and got my business back–and it was cheaper than the large companies.

L.S., New York, Real Estate Broker.

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Online Reputation Building: Social Media, Brand Building and Boosting

Social Media and More


Online reputation management brand building is social media–and more. It drives traffic to your site, moves you to the top of Google search results—above your competitors–and prevents your reputation from being ruined. Most importantly, brand building gets you visible, and gets you clients.

While it starts with social media, we also use image/text content creation and search engine optimization to build your online presence and develop your brand. We focus on ways to engage with your target audience to show you as the expert in your field.

Online Reputation Management Brand Building

Online Reputation Management Brand Building Case Study

This is a case study from an actual client. The financial consulting business had little online presence, and because it did not show up on the first page of Google search, it was losing business to a competitor. We developed a customized solution which included the development of key social media platforms (such as Pinterest), and targeted content, to draw industry leaders as followers. The result was a huge increase in web site traffic, increased online visibility and more business.

Social Media Online Brand Building Services


your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo profiles.


which social media platforms are best for you and your business, and grow connections with other industry leaders.

Individual tutorial

on how to best use social media and build your online brand.


engaging image or text based content that relates to your clients.


effective and targeted blog posts, articles, whitepapers, presentations and other content


blog solutions, and optimize your platforms to get found by search engines

Social media and reputation brand building shows you are an industry leader

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Steven met me to really understand what I was looking for, and after creating a game plan he helped promote all the positive things of my creative business. I highly, highly recommend Steven to ANYONE looking for help.

A. R., New York, Art Gallery Professional.

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Reputation Monitoring

Get alerted if something negative occurs


Monitoring your web presence is crucial. If something negative or damaging shows up, you need to respond immediately. We review search engines, social media platforms and images and alert you of any problems or issues.

If something negative does appear, we work to craft a solution, and can start the repair process quickly to protect your online reputation.

monitoring is crucial. One negative review can cost $30,000 in lost revenue

Ask for free ROI whitepaper

Online Reputation Management, Social Media Brand Building Prices

each project is unique but here are some sample prices, with flexible terms

  • Simple Solution
    per month
    For very simple cases, such as where one negative link appears at the bottom of the first page or second page of Google search and requires very minimal effort to move down a few positions, or for simple social media development.
    • Limited social media platforms usage (1 or 2)
    • Minimal content creation
    • No blog or site development
    • Nominal SEO analysis and setup
    • Minimal analysis or planning
    • No image creation
  • Average Solution
    per month
    For cases where a several negative links, including sites such as RipOffReport, appear on the first page of Google search results, and require extensive effort to move off the first page, or for an average social media brand building campaign.
    • Social media platforms usage
    • Targeted content creation
    • Site development
    • SEO setup and usage
    • Analysis and planning
    • Image and graphics creation
  • Advanced Solution
    per month
    Necessary for the most advanced cases, where many negative links from well trafficked sites appear on the top of the first page of Google search and need extensive effort to move off the first few pages, or complete brand building is necessary.
    • Very extensive social media platforms usage
    • Strong and frequent content creation
    • Sites development
    • SEO setup and review
    • Involved analysis and planning
    • Image and graphic creation
  • Social Media "Jump Start" Lesson
    per project
    One hour on-site meeting to review and discuss basic social media and online reputation.
  • Average Monitoring Solution
    per month
    Monitoring solution that covers one search term or business name in the major search engines.
  • Single Platform Creation
    per project
    Creation of one social media platform optimized for your business with keyword analysis, targeted towards potential clients.
  • Analysis and Assessment Document
    per project
    Thorough review and analysis, with detailed recommendations presented in a document for clients to implement themselves.
  • Tutorial, Consultation
    per hour
    Individual tutorial or consultation, focused on solving a specific problem, issue or question.
  • Per Project Discounts
    per project
    Discount provided if full payment is received at the start of the project. This could be helpful for those looking to get the highest value.

competitive prices. you pay for our work, not our overhead

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About Us

personal and customized to reputation management and brand building


Recover Reputation is a boutique consultancy at the forefront of repairing, improving and protecting the online reputations of their clients and direct experience with professionals in law, finance, television, medicine, photography, art, as well as small to medium size companies and individuals.

Recover Reputation realizes that reputations can be destroyed by one disgruntled employee or a competitor. We provide extremely effective, customized “hands-on” solutions to help. Core practice areas include online reputation management, online reputation repair, and social media online brand building, and monitoring.


About Recover Reputation

Extremely high success

rate with over 90% of the projects successfully completed.

Customized, boutique

approach with individualized attention to each client.

Nimble and can adapt quickly

to frequent industry changes, unlike large firms.

Discreet, professional, honest

never takes a project that believes cannot be successfully completed.

Works only

with six select clients or less at a time.

Always work with owner

and founder directly.

Interviewed On WGN/Tribune Media

Recover Reputation's Steven W. Giovinco Interviewed on WGN, discussing online reputation management

The typical successful project uses:

Social Media Content Created

Total hours

Social Media or Blogging Platforms

Blogs, images created


Steven does whatever is necessary to shadow negative reviews. He consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done, and is very goal-oriented in his approach. We are happy with how far down our negative reviews have moved down. He has essentially wiped our negative reviews off the map. Thanks, Steven!

E. G., New York, NY Medical Professional.

I had a bad online reputation. I worked with another company and they did NOTHING. This was a frustrating waste of money. Recover Reputation and Steven listened from the start and worked with me to immediately solve the negative posting. This time, it worked.

A. B., Chicago, Financial Industry.

I spent a lot of money creating a web site, but no one came! Steven sat down with me and came up with a plan that worked. After a few months, I was seeing double the visits. He also had the idea to add videos, which is something I never would have thought of, and this got me to the first page of Google.

A. G., Miami, Jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does online reputation management and repair take?

Each reputation repair or brand building project is different and unique. Most projects average about six months to complete, although it could be a little less or more. In most cases, you can start to see an impact within a month.

How much does it cost?

Costs range depending on the severity of the issue, the urgency as well as other factors, and the return on investment (ROI) is very high. Since each project is completely customized, prices range from $500 to $30,000 for completion, with most falling somewhere in between. We offer prices that are competitive to the big companies. Since we are small, you pay for our work, not our overhead. We are also flexible with pricing arrangements and billing too, offering flat fee projects in one or two payments or upfront payments with a monthly maintenance.

Why does it take so long?

Repairing your online reputation is complex and requires analysis, site set up and time to take effect. For example, Google does not rank recently made sites highly, so it can take months for changes to be found properly by Google. Also, it takes months to create a genuine and trustworthy online presence where sites link back to you or treat you as an industry leader. Generally, an average project takes about six months to complete.

What can I do if someone posts negative comments?

You might not be able to stop the attacks, especially if they’re anonymous. In fact, you might not want to: if they dont show up on the first page of your search results, it might be best to leave it alone; attempting to contact the poster could cause them to add additional negative posts.There are steps you can take steps to limit the potential reputation damage they could cause, however. For example, maintaining an active presence on websites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube can help give you a layer of protection from online attacks and also give you the tools to promote positive, truthful information about you and your business.

Can Recover Reputation make the negative results disappear forever?

Sometimes we can completely remove negative posts, especially if it includes personal information such as social security numbers, bank accounts, and your home address, for example. However, the best plan is to proliferate positive information to suppress the negative results.

Can you stop slander on social networking sites?

The Internet has made it easy for people–including competitors–to share opinions, and sometimes these opinions are slanderous or harmful. On many of these sites, if the comments violate the terms of service you can report the post as abuse at Facebook and YouTube. We also advise customers to engage in an online reputation management service to take control of your online reputation. Being proactive and creating a positive profile helps prevent future negative content from appearing online. Engaging with a lawyer to take legal action, however, is very costly and might not be effective.

What is online brand building?

Google has recently changed its algorithm so just search engine optimization is not enough to get your site visible. Online brand building includes SEO as well as social media and content creation, such as article writing and blogging and is the post effective way to generate traffic that lead to sales.

Will my documents remain confidential?

All documents are strictly confidential and your private information remains will always remain that way. Since you only work with Steven W. Giovinco, owner and founder, no one else will ever see your private information.

Who are some of your current clients?

Since Recover Reputation is founded on protecting the privacy of our individuals and businesses, we will never disclose the names of our clients for confidentiality purposes, unless specifically instructed to do so. If you are interested in learning about the details of how we can help, please call our New York office and speak to Steven at 347-421-7598 and we will be more than happy to assist.

Customized, boutique approach with individualized attention to each client

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Ask for free online reputation management return on investment (ROI) whitepaper

The benefit of building a positive reputation can generate $32,000 or more in sales. The loss can be thirty customers or $30,000 for each negative review. The loss over the lifetime to the business can be $60,000 or more.

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