• 3 Tips to improve your Search Ranking for Small Businesses

    3 Tips to improve your Search Ranking for Small Businesses

    Getting ranked higher in Google means more business for you.  Here are a few tips to help:

    1. Understand your business and your goals.
      This is one of the most important and least used first steps. People—including SEO professionals—skip it, mostly because it seems obvious. But a careful review of your business vision will yield great benefits. I always ask people where are they now and where do they want to be—two very different answers usually. This is important when coming up with effective search terms, which is the next step.
    2. Create Effective Search Terms.
      Create excellent and effective and phrases based on your business and goals AND that are within certain practical search ranges.
      Coming up with effective SEO phrases or keywords are crucial to getting good search rankings. Good keywords must be based on real and practical parameters. For example, if you are looking to promote your photography business, adding “photography” or “wedding photography” as your main term is useless because they get millions of hits. Based on your business, find a niche that is within a range of searches that is more likely to get you hits. “Documentary wedding photography,” or “Brooklyn photography” are much more effective.
    3. Add Blog Postings
      Updating your site with frequent and focused blog postings, based on the search terms, is key.  Why?  Google loves unique and content updates, and this is one of the best ways to move your search ranking UP.

    About Steve’s Online Marketing | SEO | Social Media | Reputation
    I help small businesses grow by optimizing sites for search, generate buzz using social media, and repair online reputations.  It all started when I had to figure out how to promote my own site (I’m a fine art photographer too, and I now have over 400 online entries).  My background includes over 15 years experience helping companies small and large (such as photographers, creative companies, Lehman Brothers, Lifetime Television) to communicate with users through technology.  I have an MFA fromYaleUniversity and an MA from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Department.


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