• 4 Online Reputation Management Priorities for Time Deprived Professionals

    4 Online Reputation Management Priorities for Time Deprived Professionals

    4 Online Reputation Management Priorities for Time Deprived Professionals

    Time is precious, so how do we spend it best—especially when helping repair or boost an online reputation?  When I mention to clients that being active on social media is extremely helpful, the responses range from a low, audible groan to, “When I am supposed to do THAT?”

    When indeed.

    It’s hard to balance everything.  Knowing when do something can be almost as important as what to do: if you don’t have the time to post daily on Facebook, for example, you won’t see any of the improvements.

    Why do we care?  Well, Google for one: they use shared comments or retweets as a major indicator of where to rank your site.  So, the more good things written about you show up first, pushing down the negative. Being very active on sites such as Facebook and Twitter can help.

    Here are some time management tips to help, especially if you have limited time:


    Stick with about three social media platforms (and that might even feel like a stretch at first).  Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have been the triumvirate.  You can’t really go wrong with these but you might want to swap out Pinterest for LinkedIn or another.  Obviously, it depends on your business and who you want to reach. Bear in mind that photographs, images and video are very popular and are a great way to engage with others—hence the Pinterest option (n fact, I spend much more time there than other platforms these days).

    Be Accountable and Set Realistic Goals

    Will you send twenty tweets on the first day?  No, probably not.  So start small, with realistic goals.  One tweet in the morning should suffice; grow from there.  I think it’s helpful to have a written plan that expands over the months and this is one way to keep on track and be accountable.  Just look at what you did for today, compare it to the goal and try to do better tomorrow if you didn’t attain it.  Review your plan and follow it, as best you can, and make adjustments.  If it seems too ambitious, reevaluate.  I’ve seen many clients give up in exasperation because of trying to do too much too fast.

    Stay focused

    Try scheduling posts at the same time each day and dedicate fifteen minutes to it.  Also allocate time to reading and researching things that are of interest to your followers. Remember to keep the overall goal in mind.  That is, being active helps repair a poor web status.

    Regroup and Expand

    Once you’ve knocked out that first tweet for a few months, look to expand.  Try incrementally increasing your activity every month.  If you spent fifteen minutes a day, try twenty.  Check how you are doing by looking at the plan, too.  Then, congratulate yourself for starting and continuing the repair process!

    The Bottom Line

    It takes not only time but discipline to improve your reputation, so prioritize, have goals, be focused, and do more incrementally.


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