• 5 Ways Video Can Improve and Repair your Online Reputation

    Posting to YouTube Helps Build Your Online Brand: 5 Tips

    Video is becoming an increasingly important tool for recovering and repairing your online reputation and brand.  The main goal in online reputation repair is to produce good, fresh and positive content to push down negative posts or information, which could have been added by a competitor, disgruntled ex-employee or might be just a poor review.

    There are several reasons why video is so helpful:

    1. First, Google owns YouTube, and it indexes posted videos very quickly.  This also means that YouTube videos are highly valued by Google and often rank high in search results.
    2. Second, video usually is much less competitive for a specific search term.
      For example, if I was trying to push down a negative item showing up on first page of Google search using, “John Smith financial planner Chelsea,” or, “Jane Doe divorce lawyer Brooklyn,” I would have a much better chance of getting results by adding a video to YouTube optimized for those phrases rather than simply adding a blog or other text-based content.

    Here are several tips to improve your online reputation using video posts to YouTube:

    1. Counter the Negative Phrase
      Know exactly what the phrase is that people will be searching for and build a video around that, including positive, useful information.  If some complains that a practice is not responsive, for example, create a brief video on how they interactive with clients in a timely manor.
    2. Convert Text to Video.
      One of the easiest or simplest ways to add video is to create a PowerPoint document and convert it to video such as an .AVI or MP3 file.  There are several ways to do this, such as buy a program, use several steps mentioned in a previous blog or have a professional do it.
    3. Keep the Video Brief and To the Point
      A video used to improve your reputation should be short, maybe only 45 seconds or so.  Also, create several videos that revolve around a specific service, idea, or product.  The more fresh content you have, the more quickly you can push negative posts down or off of the first page.
    4. Optimize Your Video.
      When you post the video to YouTube, be sure to include your key search term or phrases that people are searching for.  This could be in the title, description or tags.  Using the examples above, add “John Smith financial planner Chelsea,” or, “Jane Doe divorce lawyerBrooklyn,” to the Title field.  This will help boost your online reputation substantially and is a way to draw visitors which drives up your page ranking.
    5. Share Your YouTube Video
      Engage in social media to spread the word about your YouTube video.  Start with posting right from YouTube using the Share button.  Use additional social media tools such as Tumblr blog posts, Blogger or several others.  This helps index your video fast as well as helps generate traffic—all of which helps improve and repairs your online reputation.
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