Why Us

Recover Reputation

Why Us

You Work With Me

  • Personal Approach

    No cookie-cutter approach here. Instead, I carefully review, analyze and work on each case PERSONALLY.

  • Real-World Experience

    I bring 20 years direct experience in finance, law, small businesses and the arts, as well as graduate degrees from Yale and NYU.

  • You Work with Me

    You always work directly with me.

Online Reputation Management Expert Speaker Steven W. Giovinco
Why Us

About Recover Reputation

Recover Reputation is a boutique consultancy at the forefront of repairing, improving and protecting the online reputations of my clients. I specialize in and have direct experience with professionals in law, finance, television, photography, art, as well as CEOs, small to medium size companies and individuals.

My reputation is built on scrupulous honesty , working hard, and flexible pricing.

I have been interviewed by Tribune Media/WGN and have given numerous talks on online reputation management.


About Steven W. Giovinco, Owner

With an MFA from Yale University and an MA from New York University in Interactive Communications, I have 20 years experience connecting people through technology, and have gained direct experience in finance, law, television, and the arts. I started Recover Reputation because of the need to build my own online presence and saw the value in being of service to others by repairing their online reputation.

Previously, I ran my own social media and SEO business working with small businesses in the creative and marketing fields (photography, fashion/beauty, etc.). Before that, I ran Lifetime Television’s internal communication site and other applications, connecting over 500 users across the country. At Lehman Brothers I was a consultant where I redesigned their sites to be more user friendly for the 10,000 employees. Working at Citibank, Thompson Financial, NatWest Bank, Ernst and Young, I gained extensive financial and law-related experience. Besides business and technology, I also have a background in the arts, and have worked directly with art galleries, museum curators, and art collectors (and am a collector myself).

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Extremely high success

rate with over 90% of the projects successfully completed.

Discreet, professional, honest

never takes a project that believes cannot be successfully completed.

Customized, boutique

approach with individualized attention to each client.

Limited Number of Clients

with six select clients or less at a time.

Nimble and can adapt quickly

to frequent industry changes, unlike large firms.

Always work with owner

and founder directly.


  • Excellent Content Creation 80%

  • Through Research and Business Analysis 70%

  • Social Media Curation 70%

  • Video/Image Development 60%


  • Identify key and positive content that could be ranked highly by Google
  • Rewrite or repurpose some of this content, and add as blog posts to personal sites and elsewhere
  • Research new platforms deemed important for Google rankings, with an emphasis on industry-specific ones
  • Develop a social media effort. Post key content in an effort to drive up their search rankings, thus pushing down the negative links
  • Update current sites (including meta data tags, etc.) and social media site profiles to improve their ability to be found more easily by Google to specifically counter the negative link

Typical Online Reputation Project Takes:

Total Hours
Social Media Content Created
Platforms Created:
Blogs, Articles, Images, Videos
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