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    Recover Reputation is a boutique consultancy at the forefront of repairing, improving and protecting online reputations of their clients. Founded by Steven W. Giovinco, Recover Reputation focuses primarily on professionals in law, finance, real estate, politics and entertainment, as well as small to medium size companies and individuals.

    Recover Reputation realizes that reputations can be destroyed by one disgruntled employee or a competitor, and provides extremely effective, customized “hands-on” solutions to help.  Core practice areas include Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, and Online Brand Building.

    Core Practice Areas

    Online Reputation Management

    Recover Reputation has been successful at managing online reputations for businesses and professionals by providing both creative and analytic based solutions.  The focus is on:

    • Generating positive news about the client.
    • Creating positive information that reflects the client’s true reputation.
    • Monitoring and maintaining the results.
    • Proactively preventing negative online reputation issues from arising.

    Online Reputation Repair

    Recover Reputation repairs an online reputation by combining technological, content creation and social media to recover and repair the client’s reputation.  The focus is on:

    • Removing negative, misleading, inaccurate and damaging content.
    • Suppressing damaging content such as lies, rumors, or other hurtful material from showing up in your search results.
    • Pushing down harmful reviews or anonymous posts from troublesome sites such as complainsBoard.com and PissedConsumer.com
    • Neutralizing bad press reports, news or articles.

    Online Brand Building

    Online brand building drives traffic to the client’s site, moving them to the top of Google search results—above competitors–and prevents their reputation from being ruined.  The focus is on:

    • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Social media
    • Key word search phrases
    • Content creation 

    Resent Results

    • 1 day to move negative post from first page to second.
    • 50 of 52 negative news posts where pushed to 3rd search page in 45 days.
    • 30% negative posts removed and DELETED completely within 5 days.
    • 2000% increase in impressions in first two months for a business.
    • 46% increase in ranking for business name, shot up 20 positions in 15 days.
    • #2 search position in key search term in 30 days.
    • Phone calls and print review resulted from one blog posting.
    • #1 search rank position for business name in 4 days.


    Recover Reputation has successfully handled dozens of projects.  Some highlights include:

    • Repaired an online reputation for a highly visible organization that had over 50 negative news articles showing up on the first five pages of Google.
    • Managed and repaired a reputation for a real estate business owner who had five items from ComplainsBoard.com and Scam.com showing up on the first page.
    • Repaired a technology executive’s reputation so he could get new emplacement in his field.
    • Removed a negative post from Yahoo Answers for a fashion consultant in a week.
    • Builtthe online brand of a photographer, tripling site traffic. 

    Steven W. Giovinco Bio

    Steven W. Giovinco, with master’s degrees from Yale University and New York University’s Interactive Communications Program, has over thirty years experience in IT, publishing/writing, and business problem solving.   Steven’s range of experience includes Wall Street/Finance, publishing, entertainment, and creative fields.

    Working Process

    There is no cookie-cutter approach: each issue is carefully reviewed and analyzed.  After a proposal is agreed upon, a meeting is held to review the client’s issue and to completely understand the businesses goals.  Based on this and other analysis an effective online reputation management and repair strategy is created.  A good approach is to attempt to remove the negative online post but since this is sometimes impossible, Recover Reputation generates good, positive content and publishes it on many sites or blogs, using social media, and search engine optimization.  A typical project might include hundreds of updates, site creations, article publishing, etc.  Although progress can be seen almost immediately, most projects take at least three to six months to conclude.


    ‘My business was ruined.  Someone–I’m sure it was an ex-employee–started an online smear campaign against me forcing me to close the businesses.  I discovered Recover Reputation and after working with Steven, I got my business back–and it was cheaper than the large companies.”
    L.S., New York, Real Estate Broker. 

     ’I needed help.  A business deal went bad because a competitor posted negative information on a blog site purposely.  This destroyed by online reputation because the first thing that came up in Google search was this old deal.  I contacted Steven Giovinco at Recover Reputation, and helped saved my life.’
    M. T., New York, Lawyer Professional.

    ‘I had a bad online reputation.  I worked with another company and they did NOTHING.  This was a frustrating waste of money.  Recover Reputation and Steven listened from the start and worked with me to immediately solve the negative posting.  This time, it worked.’

    A. B., Chicago, Financial Industry.

    ‘One review stopped patients from calling; this spread to other online sites quickly.  Steven came in an stopped it.  It boosted my practice back to before–and got me MORE Patients.’

    S. D., Medical Professional.

    ‘Steven does whatever is necessary to shadow negative reviews. He consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done, and is very goal-oriented in his approach. We are happy with how far down our negative reviews have moved down. He has essentially wiped our negative reviews off the map. Thanks, Steve!”

    E. G., New York, NY Medical Professional.

    ‘I spent a lot of money creating a web site, but no one came! Steven sat down with me and came up with a plan that worked.  After a few months, I was seeing double the visits.  He also had the idea to add videos, which is something I never would have thought of, and this got me to the first page of Google.’
    A. G., Miami, Jewelry.

    “Steven met to really understand what I was looking for and after creating a game plan  he helped promote all the positive things of Adam Reich Photography.  This included a bunch of things I never even thought of, including reworking my website, creating additional online presences in my industry and even helped with crafting emails.  This all helped boost my name and my business in a great way with some great results.  He’s incredibly professional and knows how to build online brands.  I highly, highly recommend Steven to ANYONE looking for help. In fact, I already have made two recommendations.”

    Adam Reich Photography, New York, NY Business  Professional.


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