• Boost Your Online Reputation Tip: Convert PPT to YouTube Video

    Adding video is important for your online reputation, either as a way to build your online brand or to repair it.

    If your online reputation has been damaged, there are several options to repair it.  The first is to attempt to remove the post, review, or article but this is usually hard or impossible.  The best approach is to add good information about you or your company and this is where video comes in.  Remember that YouTube is owned by Google, and they rank video highly.  Adding content, including video, is a great way to push down negative items that show up in search results.

    Making a video can be hard to do but here is an easy way to boost your online reputation: create a PowerPoint presentation and convert it to video and upload it to YouTube.

    Here are the steps:

    1. Create a PowerPoint Presentation
      PowerPoint is fairly ubiquitous, so it should be easy to create a basic text-based presentation.  Create one that includes major points and select simple animations. Adding narration is helpful too and easy to add, depending on the version.  If you have PowerPoint 2010, you are done and are ready to export as video and upload it to YouTube.  If you have an older version, as I do, see below.
    2. Download CamStudio.
      Visit CamStudio, download this free application and install it.  Its simple, and just captures whatever is playing on your screen.
    3. Configure CamStudio.
      In Region, select Fixed Region, uncheck Fixed Top-Left Corner, then Select and use the cursor to outline the PowerPoint window, click OK.  This allows you to just capture the PowerPoint window.
    4. Configure PowerPoint
      Go back to PowerPoint, select Slideshow, then Setup Slide Show, click Browsed by an individual (Window), and uncheck Show scrollbar.  This sets the slideshow to appear in a window rather than taking over the whole screen so you can start the screen shot recording.  Then select Slideshow again and select View slideshow.
    5. Record Presentation
      Now you are ready to record the PowerPoint presentation by hitting the red button to start and quickly go back to the presentation and click the down arrow to advance to the next slide.  When finished, stop the recording by clicking on the square blue button.  The video takes some time to process but when complete Windows Media Player should open.
    6. Upload to YouTube
      You are now ready to upload your video to YouTube.  Create your account or signin and add it to your channel.  Be sure to add information about the video such as keywords and a description, which is very, very important to help your online reputation.
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