• SEO Strategist, Business online marketing: What is PageRank?

    SEO Strategist and Business online marketing: What is PageRank…

    …And why do I care?

    If you are a small business, online marketing is crucial these days.  But what is PageRank? PageRank is an algorithm used by Google to weigh the significance and importance of your site.

    Ok, now does this help my small business?

    Backlinks for one.  Backlinks are simply links back to you.  But these are extremely important, and getting them helps your rank which in turns help your business appear higher when searched.

    If a site with a higher PageRank links back to you, the better for you.  What are higher PageRanked sites?  Usually, the busiest ones, as well as the most trusted ones, such as those ending with .edu and .gov.

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