• Ethics and Honesty Are Important in the Blood Sport of Online Reputation Management

    Ethics and Honesty Are Important in the Blood Sport of Online Reputation Management

    Ethics and honesty are important. At least we think so.

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    Shifting what appears at the top of Google search results can be a bit of a blood sport free-for-all.  Afterall, whatever appears online influences decisions, whether it is to buy something, hire someone or go on a date.  Using this power for evil by creating a spear campaign against a competitor is, unfortunately, common (and that’s where we come in, to repair it).  

    The bottom line: a ruined reputation means lost business, and some will do almost anything in desperation to get their reputation back.

    But who wants to work with or protect evil doers?

    If someone is actually knowingly doing harm in a deep way, then they rightly deserve their negative online reputation, and it should be left up as a warning for others to see; Google as Darwinian thinning of the business herd, as it were, weeding out the reprehensible by letting all to see.

    There’s a limit to what can and should be done, as well as who to work with.  

    But there is another side to ethics and honesty too.

    Is it ethical to charge a business or an individual $3,000 knowing that it actually will take $10,000 to repair their reputation?  We think not.  

    Knowingly over promising and under delivering is in our view, unethical too.

    Picking a price to repair a damaged online reputation, for example, is not a whilly-nilly affair.  Rather, it’s based on a factual review of the issues and is determined by how many hours it might take to solve it. It’s not dependent on sizing up the client and determining what they can seemingly afford (or not) to pay.

    So here’s what we don’t do (and we get asked):

    Fake Reviews

    We do not write false or fake reviews for sites such as Yelp or others because it’s unethical. By the way, it’s illegal too.


    We don’t engage in blackhat techniques or things that are considered not to generally follow Google’s rules and policies.  This could include link farms, software to artificially “click” on good articles, plagiarism, article spinning, spam, and the like.


    We don’t hack any site at any time to try to remove a problematic link or review.

    Purposely Evil Corporations

    We will not work for any company out there that is knowingly doing or bad things.

    Evil People

    We will not work for an individual that is evil. What is “evil”? We know it when we see it. If someone has made a mistake or took the fall for their boss, we can offer a second chance. Nefarious, or caused physical harm?  Probably not.


    Prices are based a careful custom analysis–not on what someone thinks they can get out of you.

    We don’t charge $3,000 for a repair job when we know that it actually will take $10,000 to solve it.  We’ll tell you the truth, as hard as it may be to hear.


    We never guarantee results. Who would? There could be occasional failures (yes, it happens–we’ve solved about 90% of our cases though). Online reputation management is not a science but is a nuanced art based on high-quality work.  Also, Google is a constantly moving target since they make major overhauls to their search algorithms every few months.

    So, there are a few things we don’t do.  Following ethical business and personal practices is at the heart of what we do here at Recover Reputation.

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    • Steven. W Giovinco

      What is important is what we DON’T; ethics is really important, as is being completely transparent, effective, and helpful. Also, we take on a project I don’t think I can be successful on.
      http://www.recoverreputation.com/Online Reputation Management Repair Company


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