• Facebook and Twitter links are used by Google and Bing in determining searching

    Facebook and Twitter links are used by Google and Bing in determining searching.  They also looks at the reputation of the author of the postings.

    It doesn’t mean that every Tweet or Facebook posts will show up in searches.  That’s because not all updates are valued the same way.  What really is valued is you: your presence, your rank, and your trustworthiness. Google and Bing are starting to use this, so be ready for its full adoption.

    The most important factor page ranking is how many other respected and highly ranked AND relevant sites point back to you.  This is called backlinking.

    Google and other search engines are starting to look at:

    • The number of followers you have, and how many are following you.
    • How trustworthy these followers are
    • The quality and context of your Tweets and updates.
    • The quality of engagement of  your tweets and updates
    • The quality and influence of the people that @mention you in Twitter.
    • The reputation and influence of the people that retweet you.

    To rank highly from Google, gather high quality people that are specific leaders in your field or business.

    This takes time, naturally, and requires for you to build a real relationship with your friends and followers.

    The benefits of higher ranking are:

    • By generating quality tweets and updates, you will connect with your audience, and will get found.
    • This allows you to improve the rank of your followers and friends by engaging with them.
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