• How to Help Boost and Repair Your Online Reputation: Key Search Terms

    If your online reputation is damaged, needs repair or is in need of a boost, key search terms can help.

    Key search terms are the phrases that people use when looking in Google or other search engines.  If I am looking for help with my 401K, I might type, “financial planning,” or, “401K.”  However, these produce huge amount of links and are very competitive: MANY companies are looking to get ranked first.

    How does this impact your online reputation?

    Well, one great way to build or repair your reputation is to select key search terms and add them to your site or create a campaign that spreads the word about you online.

    How do you choose the right key search terms?   

    Getting the right terms is crucial.  Remember, these are the terms that people will be using to find you, your brand, and the other good things that are being said about you.

    1. Review Your Core Business.
      To pick the best terms, start with your core business services and what you provide.  Focus on what a client gets from you.
    2. Pick Ten words.   If you have a reputation that needs to be repaired, incorporate those words or phrases as well.  Most likely, they include you name or your business or an aspect of your business.
    3. Research Competitiveness.  Review how competitive those terms are.  A great tool is Google Adwords, which lists the amount of local searches.
    4. Search for the Terms.  Remember to do a search yourself in Google to see how they rank and they match your business.  This gives you real world results about your search terms.
    5. Adjust Terms.  After reviewing all the terms, select the best ones or do more research.

    For example, if you want to repair your reputation and are in the financial planning industry, select key search terms that are less competitive, such as “financial planning NYC,” “financial planning for musicians,” etc.

    Once the key search terms are found, its time to work them into your site, incorporate them into your current online presences, and add them to content that you write.  This will both help repair and recover your online reputation as well help build your online brand.  Without knowing the best search terms, its impossible to create an excellent campaign.

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