• How to Remove Negative Reviews from Complaintsboard.com

    Four Steps to Positive Online Reputation Management and How to Repair Negative Complaintsboard.com Reviews

    If your professional reputation has been compromised by false ComplaintsBoard reviews or posts, move quickly to resolve it.

    Here are four steps to help manage your online reputation and repair your reputation:

    1. Contact ComplaintsBoard and ask them to remove the offending information

    If the poster won’t remove the negative content, you can contact ComplaintsBoard directly. If you don’t already have one, just create an account in order to contact the administrators of the website.

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    2. Ask the poster to remove the negative review

    Because ComplaintsBoard users have the ability to delete their listings, contacting the post’s author is possible and might work. Click on the user’s user name and then “send message” in order to contact them privately through the website. If you’re able to come to an agreement, the user might simply remove the post.

    However, note that this could inflame the situation and could add additional weight to the post.

    3. Contact a legal representative about your rights

    Some business owners have filed lawsuits against ComplaintsBoard, so you might be tempted to contact a lawyer to find out if you have a case. But because ComplaintsBoard clearly states in its privacy policy that it’s not liable for any postings, most businesses that sue for defamation are unsuccessful. If you believe that you have a clear-cut case of copyright or trademark infringement, you might be able to launch successful litigation.

    4. Use positive reputation management tools and techniques to add good content to the internet that portrays you in a positive way.

    Getting proactive about your online reputation is a great approach even if the are no fighting false reviews. For example, create blog posts and articles that reflect your true nature as a business or an individual. If you don’t already own one, purchase a domain name that contains your personal or business name. Fill your website with clean, well-written content. As search engines pick up your information, your positive content will bump the negative information down in the listings.

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