• Recover Reputation, Focuses on Online Reputation Management for Professionals

    Steve Giovinco offers professionals and companies ways to protect and promote their online reputation

    Founded by Steve Giovinco, the focus is on providing custom and personal online reputation management, repair and brand protection services for professionals in the medical, financial, legal and entertainment fields.

    Steve Giovinco says,” The Internet is the new first impression.  People don’t ask for references anymore, they search Google,” indicating the importance of a positive online reputation. “Negative search results damage your life and business in the click of a mouse.  Don’t let the Internet scare off potential customers.  You CAN change your search results.”

    Recover Reputation offers several services, including online reputation management, online reputation repair and online brand building and protection.

    The benefits of online reputation management are protection of your online name and control of your business identity.  Recover Reputation works to:

    • Remove negative, misleading, inaccurate and damaging content.
    • Suppress damaging content such as lies, rumors, or other hurtful material from showing up in your search results.
    • Push down harmful reviews or anonymous posts from troublesome sites such as complainsBoard.com and PissedConsumer.com
    • Neutralize bad press reports or articles.
    • Proliferate great news about you.
    • Create positive information that reflects your true reputation.

    The process of online reputation management can be complex. Removing negative comments is difficult but sometimes possible.  However, inundating the web with content suppresses or pushes the damaging information off the first page—effectively making it disappear—is the best approach.  Recover Reputation accomplishes this by:

    • Creating compelling custom-tailored engaging content and promote existing positive information.
    • Sharing and distribute that good news through highly ranked web sites and industry specific sources, such as blogs, forums, social networks.
    • Modifying existing sites so that search engines will find you using search engine optimization and have great sites link back to you.

    The major focus on the new business venture is personal service.  You always work with Steve Giovinco, the owner and founder. Steve is completely focused and passionate about helping professionals neutralize and repair their reputations.  With master’s degrees from YaleUniversityand New YorkUniversity’s Interactive Communications Program, Steve has 15 years of technology experience as well as working with small business professionals.

    The other major difference at Recover Reputation is that there is no cookie-cutter approach. Each issue is carefully reviewed, and they never take a project unless Recover Reputation can succeed.  Prices depend on the severity of the issue, the ranking and the time and effort required.  Although progress can be seen immediately, most projects take three to six months to conclude.

    From a recent client, “Steve does whatever is necessary to shadow negative reviews. He consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done, and is very goal-oriented in his approach. We are happy with how far down our negative reviews have moved down. He has essentially wiped our negative reviews off the map.”

    Recover Reputation helps professionals and companies protect and promote their online reputation.  We protect your online name, control your business identity and provide the best—and true–image of your company online. Recent successes include one day to move negative post from first page to second; 50 of 52 negative news posts where pushed to 3rd search page in 45 days. You always work with owner and founder Steve Giovinco, who offers a customized and effective approach to online reputation management, online reputation repair and online brand building.  Call Steve at 347-421-7598 for a free evaluation and visit www.recoverreputation.com for additional information.




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