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8 Ways to Improve Online Reputation for Lawyers, Financial Executives, Professionals

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Combating RipoffReport Online Reputation Repair


A high powered lawyer earning in the six figures gained a poor reputation due to a disgruntled–and unethical–competitor who purposefully ruined her web presence by posting damaging blog posts to gain a competitive advantage. Although legal actions were taken, it’s very hard to prove the real origin of the negative comments.

Her online reputation was damaged, and the practice ultimately failed. She tried to join another firm but was unable to find work because the first thing headhunters do is conduct a Google search.


After the repair process, though, she not only found work back in the financial legal sector partnering with fund manager, but she also increased her income because her new online reputation showed her as a highly visible and trustworthy advisor.


Creative Small Business

How to Repair Your Online Reputation


For one client with a business worth several million dollars, an art gallery partnership dissolved un-amicably, resulting in bad press put out by the other director who was looking for revenge and to elicit pain and suffering. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. When conducting a Google search, three negative links showed up, including one right at the top, by well respected industry sites. This was very damaging since it’s the first thing potential collectors see, and the more people click on it, the more likely it will remain prominent.

As a result, his income slid to nearly zero because he couldn’t move forward with his career–not in the art world nor in anything else.


After the repair treatment, however, he was able to find a new position, this time with a major auction house at a high salary.

$100 Million Energy Deal Went Bust




A young South American business person was looking to finance a huge $100 million deal.  He had experience in starting many businesses and was a very successful “serial entrepreneur.”  He had a great idea to change energy consumption and was looking for international financing to make it happen.

However, when searching for his name, five negative links showed up on the first English page of Google.  To make matters worse, more negative links showed up when searching for him in his native language.  The online reputation management problem stemmed from family members who were involved in local government and business deals.


  • Recover Reputation analyzed the issues and created a holistic, comprehensive strategy.
  • Identified key content areas and generated blogs, images, etc.
  • Created a new positive online presence on a multiple platforms in both languages.

The reputation was cleared on the first three pages for both languages.  This allowed the client and his colleagues to search for funding sources.  As a result, there are several offers pending.

RipoffReport Damage

Hedge Fund



Most recently, I had a client who’s ex-investor became upset over a deal he felt should have gone differently, and decided to write a very personal and vicious negative post on the anonymous site RipoffReport. This link immediately shot to the top of the first page of Google search results when searching for him and his company. Sales were hurt and some investors left the fund as a result. When attempts to resolve the problem through lengthy and costly legal action failed, anonline reputation repair process was initiated, and helped.


Creating good content and knowing where to place it online is key. Writing excellent and informative articles added as blog posts to the main business site or elsewhere, is one of the best ways to generate good content. Creating presentations or uploading existing ones to sites such as, for example, is also very effective. Knowing where to place blog posts is just as important: add to industry specific sites focused on hedge funds, general investments sites, and ones geared toward the type of fund (e.g., small cap, etc.), that needs to be repaired.

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