• Online Reputation Management and Unintended Super Bowl Ads' Impact

     A Super Bowl advertisement improves a brand’s online reputation, right?  Well, not always. 

    Being viewed by millions of viewers can be a dream come true, especially in today’s fractured broadcast media’s landscape, but it can also turn into a reputation nightmare.

    Take the Super Bowl 2013’s ad for Go Daddy.  About twelve hours after it appeared, the online reputation of the brand seems to have been tarnished due to what some regard as an ad in poor taste. The ad, introduced by racer Danica Patrick, featured a beautiful model (Bar Refaeli) and a technology nerd kissing passionately.

    When searching for “Go Daddy” early the next morning, two critical and negative links show up in Google on the top of the first page:

    Additional search terms produced even more negative posts.

    Social media was not kind to the Go Daddy spot as well.  On Twitter, for example:

    Worse Than Crocs ‏@WorseThanCrocs
         That Go Daddy commercial… Was Worse Than Crocs
         Retweeted 3174 times

    Not exactly the reputation Go Daddy was looking for. 

    Super Bowl 2013 was hit with its own online reputation issue when the power went out for 35 minutes as well.

    Does the old adage of, “any news is good news,” still apply in today’s online world?

    Online Reputation Repair An Option?

    Repairing Go Daddy’s online reputation, in this case, might take some time.

    They might try a campaign that includes creating good, noteworthy information to try moving the two negative posts down off the first page.  Because of the huge amount of page views, however, this might take some effort. 

    Alternatively, they could wait a few weeks and the links might naturally drop off the first page as the event becomes less “news worthy.”


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    • Will Sherwood

      I couldn’t agree more. I found myself trying to hold down my dinner watching the GoDaddy commercial.


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