• Online Reputation Management Is Like Being at a Cocktail Party

    Think of online reputation management as being at a cocktail party.

    Chatting is par for the course.

    Let’s say you head to a party. You meet someone for the first time but they only talk about themselves; or, you start chatting with someone but they try to sell you something; or then there is the The Dumper–they just complain about everything.

    Pretty annoying, right?

    It’s exactly the same in the online world. Your online reputation on online social media–Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, etc.–is just like chatting at a cocktail party (so behave). Selfishly focusing on yourself, listing your complete resume and job history, or starting a diatribe on what is wrong with the world does not garner friends. Instead, treat the online world as you would the offline one. That means being polite, interested in others, and helpful. In other words, be normal.

    Here are some basic guidelines that help.

    Avoid Controversy

    What is that adage–don’t talk politics, religion or sex at the Thanksgiving dinner table? The same holds true on social media. Steer clear of these topics, generally, unless you want to alienate nearly everyone.

    Don’t Sell–Engage

    Let’s face it: giving a sales pitch right off the bat is a turn off and is disrespectful. Instead, listen online, offer helpful comments, and engage with your followers.

    Organize Your Thoughts

    Be brief, concise and clear. Have a point or direction, and don’t wander too far from it.

    Don’t Be A Jerk

    Being rude online is no way to help your reputation; be, polite, pleasant and honest.

    Think Before You Speak Or Write

    Words matter so be mindful of them. Remember, opinions or articles posted online last a long time so make sure you don’t write anything embarrassing.

    Be Yourself

    It’s important to be yourself while at a cocktail party or online. This doesn’t mean sharing about how you hate your boss or your personal problems. People respond to people being human so just be yourself, and imagine you are just chatting with someone at a party.

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