• Online Reputation Management Meetup Group Started in New York

    New Meetup dedicated to managing online reputations for brands, professionals and businesses in New York

    New Meetup dedicated to managing online reputations for brands, professionals and businesses in New York

    New Meetup dedicated to managing online reputations for brands, professionals and businesses in New York

    Whether it be a first date, a job interview, or getting a client, the first thing someone does it look you up on Google. What do they see? That’s your online reputation.

    We’re a New York based group of people and professionals (started by Steven W. Giovinco’s Recover Reputation)  intrigued by today’s evolving world of social media, personal internet identities, and web business branding, and meet to talk about it all.

    The shifting notion of what it means to have an internet presence and what this says about you (or your business, brand, etc.) is becoming ever more important. After all, your online reputation IS how people perceive you. What you put on the internet will be there forever, probably, and is a “digital tattoo.” (Like a tattoo, it’s painful to remove).

    Since this is the intersection of analysis, social media, content creation and search engine optimization, there will be a lot to discuss. We’ll host events that focus a series of topics that touch on these, and as well as more.

    Ranging from light hearted to multifaceted, we’ll cover a range of issues such as:

    • Looking at people in the news today (“don’t try this at home, kids”, or what NOT to do, a la Anthony Weiner).
    • Brands that do it well and engage with people the right way.
    • Social media and search engine optimization usage.
    • Question and answer sessions.
    • Hands-on practical ways to build, boost or repair a damaged web presence.
    • Guest talks on their experiences.
    • Suggestions from other members.
    • Social gathering at bars, restaurants.

    The main goal is to just meet and share information.

    Pragmatic information: meetings last about one hour, will be held in convenient locations in Midtown Manhattan, Union Square or occasionally Downtown/Wall Street, and are free to join and attend.  Depending on the interest, we’ll try meeting every month or every other month.  Once you join, there will be ways to ask questions on the site and network with others even if you can’t make a face-to-face meeting.

    Meetup, if you don’t know, is a great way to meet like-minded people to share on topics, and are usually free (like this one), or are low cost.  I highly recommend attending some in New York or your city.  Group topics range from speed dating, learning Italian, business investing, knitting, social media–and many more.  Joining is free and once you sign up, there are suggestions for other groups and a handy calendar of upcoming events.  I’ve joined about twenty groups in a bunch of different areas.

    You might want to consider starting your own Group too.  It costs about $15 per month and cannot be promotional or directly selling a product or service.  Otherwise, it’s open to any interest. By the way, it’s a great way to help rebuild a negative or damaged presence.

    The Bottom Line

    This group is started with the hope of developing thoughtful discussions (debates?), exchange of ideas, and practical solutions on this issue and ones related to online reputation management. So if you are in the New York area, we look forward to seeing you at the next event!

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