• Online Reputation Management Repair Tips List

    Online Reputation Management Repair or Building List

    Here are a few quick tips for repairing or building an online reputation.  For additional details, see 25 Free Online Reputation Management Tips and Tools.

    1. Remove Negative Links, if Possible
    2. Write Blogs Frequently
    3. Stay Clear of Negative Comments
    4. Create a Wikipedia Entry or Edit Existing Article
    5. Write a Whitepaper
    6. Create Infographics
    7. Participate in Relevant Blogs, Online Communities, Forums
    8. Write a Guest Blog
    9. Write a Press Release and add it to PR.com
    10. Have an Excellent LinkedIn Profile, Be Active Writing Comments in Groups
    11. Get Active On Facebook, Posting Daily
    12. Google+: Join and Post Daily
    13. Tweet Daily and Follow Industry Leaders
    14. Pin Images on Pinterest
    15. Create a Video and Upload to YouTube
    16. Create a Reddit Account and Post Comments
    17. Create Yelp Reviews
    18. Find Effective Key Search Terms
    19. Build Links to Your Site
    20. Signup for Google Authorship
    21. Complete Image Information Such as Title, Description, Alt Text, Caption
    22. Sign Up for Google Alerts
    23. Give a Talk or Speak at Conferences
    24. Be Active in Meetups
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