• Online Reputation Management Speaker for Professionals, Law, Finance, the Arts

    Learn how to harness and build a positive online brand to boost business.

    How are you and your business perceived online?


    Online Reputation Management Expert Speaker Steven W. Giovinco

    Online Reputation Management Expert Speaker Steven W. Giovinco

    Internet Management Speaking Topics For Your Business

    • Why an online reputation is crucial for today’s businesses
    • Specific ways to repair or boost a reputation
    • Real world management experiences
    • Extensive knowledge of law, finance, medical, and arts industries
    • Visual content’s role in ORM, including video, presentations, photographs, images
    • The role of social media, SEO and business analysis
    • How a reputation can be damaged and what it means for professionals


    Professionals and companies looking to protect and promote their brand are a perfect audience, including:

    • Finance executives, CEOs
    • Entrepreneurs and start-ups
    • Lawyers, litigators (and their clients)
    • Financial advisors, accountants, money managers
    • Small business owners, sole proprietors, realtors
    • Marketers, advertising and PR professionals


    Feel free to reach out, and contact Steven by email [email protected]
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