• Online Reputation Management Study: Chick-Fil-A Consumer Sentiment Drops; 5 Ways to Recover and Repair Your Online Reputation

    Recover Reputation: Chick-Fil-A Case-in-Point and 5 Ways to Recover and Repair an Online Reputation

    Online reputation management and repair can be crucial to a business today, and the fast food restaurant Chick-Fil-A is a case-in-point.

    Following the remarks of the president Dan Cathy’s remarks on gay marriage on mid July, customers perception of the food chain has dropped significantly.

    According to the YouGov BrandIndex, most parts of the United States—including the South, where Chick-Fil-A has a large presence—logged negative sentiments.   The one exception was in theMidwest, where perception increased for a week and but then returned to where it was before the interview was published.

    The company’s overall consumer brand health with fast food eaters dropped to where it was two years ago as news of the Cathy’s comments spread.  This represents a major shift from one of the top perceived food chains in the US since 2012.  This all occurred in just four days.

    In today’s media landscape, where every comment is accessible online nearly instantaneously and can be commented upon, a business’s online reputation can be impacted and sometime ruined in days.  This holds true with small businesses and professionals as well.

    Generally, here are five ways to help build and repair an online reputation.

    1. Blogs
      Creating a blog with high quality, specific and frequent content is crucial to this process.  Blogs require much more maintenance but are excellent tools, since the main page, categories, and individual posts can all rank very well.
    2. Micro-Sites
      Creation of and maintaining several micro-sites are extremely helpful.  Updating with fresh content focused on key search terms are an effective way to drive positive information about you.   Once the sites start to gain traction in the Search Engines, apply more Social Media components to improve their rankings.
    3. Social Media
      Social networking profiles on Facebook, professional profiles on LinkedIn and Naymz, mini-blogs such as Twitter, Wiki articles  and other various sites help spread the good word about you.
    4. Press Releases
      Press releases–either existing one or newly written ones are effective if submited place such as PRLog and eZine Articles.
    5. Link Building
      Aside from promoting positive listings for micro-sites, blogs and social media, high-quality links to positive listings help.

    Businesses of all sizes and professionals should be extremely aware of their online reputations, and know that what they say and what is said about them affect’s business.



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