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    How to use online reputation management to generate more sales and to repair a damaged reputation are some of the topics Recover Reputation’s Steven W. Giovinco will cover at the New York Inbound Marketing Professionals Meetup in New York City, organized by Nikki Johnson of Plugin Group.

    One of the first things a client does is conduct a Google search on you. So building trust, sharing engaging information and being a “thought leader,” are the keys to building or repairing an internet presence.  How?  The best way is to generate excellent content, use SEO and share frequently on the right social media platforms.

    Who are you online?

    Do a search and for your name or business and see what comes up.  Are you proud of what’s there?  Would you want to share it with others?  If not, you might want to do some additional work.  Some other questions to think about: Do you write helpful articles that address specific challenges in your industry?  Do you let others know about the latest news and how it could impact them?  Are you professional and take a journalist-like objective approach writing style or bring your own personality with real-world experiences to your web presence?

    Just having a website and a Twitter account is not enough these days: its how you connect with your clients and what shows up on the first page of Google that matters.  Today, your online reputation IS your reputation.

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