• Online Review Sites, and 6 Solutions If You Show Up on Ones Like Scam.com or Others.

    Online Review Sites, and 6 Solutions If You Show Up on Ones Like Scam.com or Others.

    Are their ways to recover or repair your online  reputation if you find yourself on a complaint site?

    There are many sites for people to register complaints or voice their issues today.  One of the largest is the site scam.com but others include Complaintsboard.com, Ripoffreport.com.  Here, users signup and post anonymously.    Below are six tips or solutions to respond to recover your online reputation:

    Don’t Panic.

    First, stay calm!  It could seem like a shock that someone wrote negative things about you, but try not and take it personally.  It actually could be someone you know, once you piece the clues together, which could make you feel hurt and betrayed.  If it’s a complete stranger, you may start to wonder what you did.  What ever the situation, try and remain calm and don’t do anything yet.  It may seem like a great idea to send off a response immediately, but pause and think first—this could only make things much worse.

    Review the Problem.

    Let it sit for a day or even a week.  Then look honestly at the root of the problem.  Is there something that you did to cause it?  Did you do everything right but communicated poorly?  What lessons can be learned from the experience?  Sometimes you may have done everything right and it goes under the category of “you can’t please everybody all the time.”  Sometimes, however, you may have had some culpability.

    Strategize Next Steps.

    Think about the overall approach, if any, and the solution to the problem.  Remember, the goal is to repair your online reputation, not get even.  It’s important to work towards the best next step for your business, because a negative post could easily show up on the first page of your Google search results immediately or over the next few weeks or months.One option is do nothing and let it blow over; another might be to address the person offline and explore in a non confrontational way how it can be resolved; finally, you may feel the need to recover your online reputation either on your own or with the help of professionals.

    How Can You Resolve the Problem.

    Think about what you can do to fix it and start slowly.  Again, keep your eye on the overall goal of helping repair your online reputation of your business.

    Try Getting it Removed From Scam.com.

    Often, there are options for some complaint sites to remove the posting.  Carefully review the website for FAQ or links that might help and politely contact the owner or webmaster and explain the situation.  Sometimes there might be other ways to remove the post, especially if it contains personal information such as your social security number or your bank account information.  Note that its nearly impossible to win a legal case against the poster—even if you know who they are—or the web site.

    Make Other Posts/Online Reputation Management.

    Explore ways to repair and recover your online reputation.  One way is to construct good content about you.  This helps push the negative post down and off the first page.  Write a blog with frequent updates, optimize or sign up for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, and be active on social media.  You may fine the need to hire a professional to help repair your online reputation from complaint sites.


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