• SEO, Social Media Trends 2012 for Small Business

    SEO, Social Media Trends 2012 for Small Business

    Trends for small business 2012, not really predictions, but possible SEO and social media directions for small businesses.

    1. Content Freshness
      Fresh and new content is more important than ever and is good news for larger blogs and news sites and bad news for those with less experience, shall we say. The bad news will show up on top.
    2. High Quality
      Thankfully, the shift goes towards quality sites, including quick page load, easy to read and easy to use are tops.
    3. SEO Expands
      SEO has not peaked but is part of a larger process–not just search terms and metatag stuff.  It will include or at least touch on other forms of online marketing.
    4. Increase in Mobile Searches
      Mobile search will grow in 2012 again but this is not really shocking. Could it reach a quarter of all searches?
    5. PageRank and links have less value
      PageRank matter less and less, as do links. 2012 will continue to offer other things such as social media than links.  Google will move towards a bunch of other kinds of information including feedback that humans rate (sorry link buyers).
    6. Google Plus Stays
      Google is pushing Google Plus to the point of including it in searches.  Regardless, it will remain small–minuscule actually.
    7. Facebook Defections
      Eventhough Google Plus will remain tiny, and despite having about two thirds of social networkers, Facebook will be a abandoned a bit bu users.
    8. Blog Quantity
      Long articles are in with Google and are part of the trend it seems in more quality longer pieces.
    9. Tumblr Growth
      Blogging in micro forms still grow at leader Tumblr, threatening a bit WordPress as some bloggers move for ease and large audience.
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