• SEO Strategist, The Future of Search

    SEO Strategist, The Future of Search

    What is the future of search?  If you are an SEO strategist, there are a few tea leaves to sort through for the answer, and of course, who really knows.

    But SEOMoz had a really interesting posting recently where they compiled answers from over one hundred experts and listed the results.

    For me, a few items stuck out.

    First, the site’s perceived value to users is expected to expand in a huge way.  How will this be measured?  By load time? Content factors?  Who knows.  But its so interesting to have this be the focus–as it really should be.

    Next, social signals, as one imagine, are  on the rise.  This makes sense: who is forwarding your page, mentioning it, etc.  Content usability and design are predicted to be on the rise.  Also good for users.  Sensing a trend?

    Expected to wain?  Exact keyword matching domains, paid links, and anchor text.

    In otherwords, the shift is towards the quality of user experience, which is a good thing.  SEOMoz reports many other interesting breakdowns as well, so be sure to see the article.


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