• Social Media Demystified for Small Creative Businesses

    6 Tips for Social Media Promotion Demystified for Small Creative Businesses

    1. Who are you and what do you do anyway?
      The first step seems obvious but its crucial.  Ponder for a bit and dermine who you are as a business before you can look at who you are trying to promote yourself.  Who are your customers, I mean exactly?  This will help when looking for Group or places to find them.
    2. Set up your social media presence.
      Its time to create your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus LinkedIn and YouTube accounts.  This should be fairly easy to do but keep your content similar across all platforms.
    3. Use a tool to manage all this.
      Going back and forth between accounts with similar postings will drive you crazy!  Try a few tools that help manage your social media.  These include free ones such as Seemic as well as paid ones like Ping.fm and HootSuite.  Try a trial first.
    4. Add Updates
      Fresh, interesting content is key, especially before people start to come on board.  You are the expert in your business so focus on that: tips, useful information, go with what you know already.  Do this frequently, say weekly if you can.
    5. Add Followers, Friends, Contacts
      Now is the time to add people.  Getting people to Like a Facebook Page is a challenge, although adding Followers and contacts on Twitter and Google Plus are easier to do: just search for someone that is a leader in your industry, look at their list, and start adding.  LinkedIn is most restrictive.
    6. Connect with your Contacts.
      Engaging with Friends, Followers and Contacts is also important.  How do you feel when you get a telemarketing call?  Thats how it feels when you hit someone over the head starting to sell them something.  All contacts are humans, just like you, and should be treated as such.  So: if someone makes a post, respond saying you like it with specific reasons; retweet with comments; “Like” a facebook page.  Build a relationship, in other words.
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