• Why I love Online Reputation Management and Repair

    I really love my job (repairing, managing and boosting online reputations).

    Online reputation management and repair, Recover Reputation, Steven W. GiovincoI thought about this last night when I began working with a client two months ago and saw good results showing up today.  In this case, the goal was to create new good content, so when a new site appeared on the second position on the first page of Google, right under a negative link, I was happy (this is very good, and is the whole idea: to push up the positive and move down the negative).  The client was happy too, because this meant progress.

    Satisfying to See Results

    It’s satisfying to see results.  After planning and creating a strategy that takes weeks or more to assemble, I often think: will it really work?  Did I get everything right? When will everything kick-in?

    Many things are unpredictable, including life and Google search results, but it’s great to see real, tangle results.  I love seeing the things I’ve worked on become visible online.

    Helping Repair Lives: It’s a Service

    The results are not abstract too: they represent helping someone’s life or business return to normal.   I value this, and think of it as a service that helps real people. If something negative lingers on the first page of Google, businesses can be destroyed, and lives can be shattered.  I know its just words on web page, but it can be as damaging as a hurricane.

    Combining Many Different Skills (That Graduate Degree Comes in Handy)

    The job also combines a bunch of diverse skills, including writing, thinking, caring and business.  Lately, part of the job is becoming visual, since Google highly values video, images, photos, infographics, and meme’s (Tumblr and Pinterest, visual-oriented sites, are hugely popular).  “Thinking” is something I’ll highlight, which I like doing.  It involves figuring out what are the right actions to take, planning and pondering what’s next to help.

    Be Nimble

    Also, there is something new that comes up all the time, so it helps to be nimble and open minded.  Thinks are constantly in flux, from Google’s changing algorithms, to new content strategies, to new and popular sites (Pinterest, as I mentioned above, is fairly “new”).  Things change all the time.

    I know online reputation management sometimes (or often) has, well, a bad reputation itself.  There are a few that are really passionate about what they do and see it as a job that helps people.

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