• Why You Can’t Click Your Way to a Good Online Reputation

    Why You Can’t Click Your Way to a Good Online Reputation

    It sounds like a good idea, but no, you can’t just click your way to a good online reputation.

    One way Google determines how to rank a page is by how many click’s a site gets. True, there are several dozens of other indicators, but a site’s popularity can be a major factor. So, it seems that the more you click, the more the article, site or links should show up on the first page.

    But it doesn’t work, and here’s why.

    Google Knows.

    As part of it’s search algorithm, Google can identify several clicks in a row coming from the same computer as manipulation and stops it from being counted.The search engine is excellent at weeding out those trying to “game the system,” and is constantly tweaking their formulas to stay one step ahead.  

    If you think about it from Google’s point of view, it makes sense. Look at “real-world” scenario. If someone is searching for information on Google, they enter a search or phrase, browse a list of sites, and open one to read it. Not finding exactly what they are looking for, they might open up a few others to find the right information, and then come back to the one they like the best again or a few times over a day or so. But if a site is opened more than a handful of times in quick succession, or even over a few days, Google interprets this as spamming.

    Myth Busting, Online Reputation Management Style.

    I’ve tried it myself as a test. I clicked on a positive article I created for an old client, and after a few days, I began to see it move up in Google search results. But after about several clicks–who knows how many it really takes–it stopped being effective, and the page stayed there and then actually began to move back down.

    That’s because Google identified my computer’s IP address and saw the origin of the clicks, and found out they came from one source. In other words, Google saw that I was sitting there at my keyboard clicking a few times every once in awhile on the same link

    Why Can’t You Hire to Click for You?

    Some people might be thinking, “why can’t you just hire a legion of people in another country to just sit click on the article to attempt to move it?” This doesn’t work for the same reason: Google quickly determines where clicks are coming from and the frequency of them, and nullifies the effect.

    One other thing to note: this can be considered a “blackhat” process. It’s certainly unethical to create a bot or program that generates a series of false “clicks” to manipulate the negative article down (I get this question frequently).

    Here’s the Real Solution: Online Reputation Management and Repair.

    The real solution is more than just clicking a button. In reality, it’s a long slog, requiring the creation of great content, like blog posts and other articles; posting them on appropriate platforms; and constantly updating and adding new information. Eventually, perhaps months later, the issue does get resolved and is suppressed off the first or second page of search results.

    So, while it might seem logical, it’s a myth that you can click your way to a good online reputation.

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    • Kathy
      • Kathy
      • March 12, 2017 at 9:40 pm

      Thanks for showing why you can’t just constantly click on links to push something down.


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