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    Highly successful in moving down negative links, articles, images or blog posts.

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    20 years direct experience in finance, law, small businesses and the arts are extremely helpful for our clients--see what they have to say.

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    Interviewed by the New York Times, Tribune Media/WGN Chicago, and have given talks on reputation management.

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Online Reputation Management Interview New York Times Recover Reputation
Online Reputation Management Interview WGN Tribune Recover Reputation

Our Testimontials

  • We know reputations can be destroyed by one disgruntled employee or a competitor.
  • As a result, we provide extremely effective, customized “hands-on” solutions to help to get your business and life back.
Online Reputation Defense: Be Proactive
A. B.

I had a bad online reputation. I worked with another company and they did NOTHING. This was a frustrating waste of money. Recover Reputation and Steven listened from the start and worked with me to immediately solve the negative posting. This time, it worked, thankfully!

A. B., Chicago, Financial Industry.

My business was ruined. Someone–I’m sure it was an ex-employee–started an online smear campaign forcing me to close the businesses. I discovered Recover Reputation and got my business back–and it was cheaper than the large companies.

L.S., New York, Real Estate Broker.
M. T.

A business deal went bad because a competitor posted negative information on a blog site purposely, destroying my online reputation. I contacted Recover Reputation, and they helped save my life.

M. T., New York, Law Professional.
A. R.

Steven met me to really understand what I was looking for, and after creating a game plan he helped promote all the positive things of my creative business. I highly, highly recommend Steven to ANYONE looking for help.

A. R., New York, Art Gallery Professional.
E. G.

Steven does whatever is necessary to shadow negative reviews. He consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done, and is very goal-oriented in his approach. We are happy with how far down our negative reviews have moved down. He has essentially wiped our negative reviews off the map. Thanks, Steven!

E. G., NY Medical Professional
A. G.

I spent a lot of money creating a web site, but no one came! Steven came up with a plan that worked. After a few months, I was seeing double the visits. He also had the idea to add videos, which is something I never would have thought of, and this got me to the first page of Google.

A. G., Miami, Jewelry.

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