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25 Free Online Reputation Management Tips

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Boutique Online Reputation
Management and Repair

What is Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management and repair controls everything about you or your business online, including websites, blog posts, social media, videos and images. A good reputation shows that you are an expert in your field which builds trust, and this means business–resulting in more website traffic and more sales.

Why Reputation Management is Important

The Internet is the new first impression. People don’t ask for references anymore, they search Google. Negative search results damage your life and business in the click of a mouse. Nearly as important, having no reputation drives clients to competitors. You CAN change your search results.


77% of executive recruiters use search engines to research applicants.

84% say online reviews influence purchasing,” Opinion Research Corporation (Opinion Research Corporation)

35% have eliminated candidates based on the information they found. (ExecuNet)

83% of companies will face a crisis that negatively impacts their share price between 20 and 30%, during the next five years. (Oxford-Metrica).

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One Negative Review Can Result a in Loss of 30 Clients

Why Your Reputation Matters.

The benefits include protecting your name and brand, controlling your business identity, and providing the best image of your company, as well as:

  • Appear as an industry “thought leader”

  • Generate additional sales

  • Create a defense against potential negative comments

  • Repair, fix problem

  • Boost excellent existing content

Repair, Build, and Strategize Reputations

Online Reputation Repair

Suppressing negative links, articles, or comments off the first page is crucial for your business.

Reputation Brand Building

Online brand building gets you visible, getting you clients. 

Reputation Strategy

Review your current reputation and offer ways to optimize it.

Real-World Example.


Online Reputation Management Repair Before, Recover Reputation

Six Months Later

Online Reputation Management Before and After

For CEOs, Companies, Professionals and Brands

CEOs, Professionals

For CEOs, executives, business owners, professionals.


Direct industry experience in finance, hedge funds, law, medical, film, art, entertainment, real estate and more.


Help with brands, PR agencies, on behalf of clients and white label services.

Boutique Approach is Effective.

The focus is on personally hand crafting your online reputation, stressing both quality and being nimble, unlike the big companies. There are no shortcuts–just hard work, and well crafted content.

1. Extensive Research

1. Extensive Research

Conduct a through business analysis and research of you and your business, and importantly, understand your goals. From this, a complete reputation strategy is created.

2. Create excellent Content

2. Create excellent Content

Create excellent content, such as blog posts, presentations, images, videos, infographics and comments. The key is to focus on high quality.

3. Find the Right Platform

3. Find the Right Platform

This is key: research and find industry-appropriate social media platforms, blogs, or other sites and build a strong online presence there.

4. Share Frequently

4. Share Frequently

Share quality content on the developed platforms constantly, updating daily and constantly engaging with key industry leaders. 

95% success rate; always moved negative links down.

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What Clients Are Saying

My business was ruined. Someone–I’m sure it was an ex-employee–started an online smear campaign forcing me to close the businesses. I discovered Recover Reputation and got my business back–and it was cheaper than the large companies.- L.S., New York, Real Estate Broker

A business deal went bad because a competitor posted negative information on a blog site purposely, destroying my online reputation. I contacted Recover Reputation, and they helped save my life.- M. T., New York, Law Professional

I had a bad online reputation. I worked with another company and they did NOTHING. This was a frustrating waste of money. Recover Reputation and Steven listened from the start and worked with me to immediately solve the negative posting. This time, it worked, thankfully!- A. B., Chicago, Financial Industry

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Let’s talk or meet to go over your case. I always give an honest and transparent assessment of your online reputation issue.

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15 Online Reputation Management Repair Tips

Here are some top 15 online reputation management tips to help build, boost or repair a web presence for professionals, CEOs, brands and companies.

The tips range from four main areas: content creation, removal, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Some can be accomplished by dedicating time and a varying degree of effort; others do need the assistance of a professional.

Remember, however, that online reputation management is usually a long term process, and could take about six months or more to complete, requiring about two or four hundred hours of consistent work or two to three hours per day.



Create A Website Using Your Name as Domain

Making a website with excellent quality content and using your name or business as the domain name is extremely helpful. Be sure to add legitimate information your readers or clients will find truly useful. Be sure to update the site with new information frequently. I highly recommend WordPress for its many free or very low-cost templates and other components.

2. Get Active On LinkedIn

For business connections, is crucial LinkedIn, but even if you are in a creative field, such as in the fine arts, entertainment, film, or publishing, having a LinkedIn account is very helpful for reputation management. As with any social media site, completely fill out the profile, making sure to include web site links in your contact information.  An additional online reputation management tip: customize your URL with your name or business.

3. Create a Wikipedia Article

A Wikipedia article is extremely useful since it is highly valued by Google, usually ranking on the top of the first page of Google.

However, creating one can be challenging. The Wiki article must be truly noteworthy, backed-up with real, verifiable sources.  A good place to start is to focus on major recognizable accomplishments which can be documented, such as lectures, awards and articles.

Note too that your article could be taken down by administrators or other editors/readers if your achievements are not substantiated.


Write Blogs

Writing a blog is probably one of the best reputation repair tips. Posting instructive and engaging articles weekly or very frequently is crucial.  It is best to use a catchy title, have good images (don’t swipe it: purchase it or use a Creative Commons image), use headings to break the piece down into easy-to-read sections, and insert one or two links back to your site.


Attempt to Remove Negative Links

Removing the negative post, link, image or blog post is possible about five percent of the time. Frankly, it is usually extremely difficult to delete content once something has been published, however. One approach is to politely contact the author or webmaster and professionally state your case and request the item to be removed.  Be sensitive that you don’t want to open a “hornet’s nest” and making the issue worse. There might be options that an online reputation management specialist might have, such as reaching out to Google too.


Create a YouTube Video

YouTube and videos are extremely powerful ways to repair an online reputation.  Create one that focuses on you and the positive things you do.  Keep it brief and as professional as possible, and offer useful information. Using your smartphone could be fine so long as your are authentic or provide great content.


Make a Presence on Industry Platforms

Follow and identify good, interesting and useful platforms specific for your industry, and add your online presence there. Be sure fill out all the profile information, including links to your site and blog, your photo, and links for key articles.


Write a Whitepaper

You are an expert in your field—whether it be mortgage backed securities, rental properties in the Hamptons, or contemporary emerging art galleries in Chelsea.  Create a detailed whitepaper or thoroughly written informative document on a topic of your choosing, and then post it to a well regarded site.


Get on Relevant Blogs

Follow and good, interesting and useful blogs and online sites for your industry, and add your online presence there.


Join Alumni Groups

Add yourself to undergraduate or graduate schools alumni sites. Usually, sites with “.edu” domain extensions are ranked highly by Google.


Update Your Web Site with Meta Tags Title and Descriptions

Be sure your web site is optimized, ideally for the negative term.  This could be complicated and might involve online reputation expert but make sure your name or your company is included in the title metatags of some of your pages.  The page’s Title is the link that Google displays when searching for you, and without it set up properly, the good information about you won’t be found.


Be Active On Facebook

Be very active on social media sites such as Facebook by posting good content.  These should not be promotional but should be geared to engage with Friends or connections.  Add images, ask questions, and comment on other’s post at least once a day.


Tweet Daily

Google is using cues from social media engagement more and more so after Facebook, Twitter is an excellent online reputation management tool.  Gain good followers, put out helpful information, and link back to your site.  Tweet consistently several times a day.


Write a Guest Blog

Writing an article or blog post as a guest can be a very helpful but not as much as in the past—be sure to work only with blogs and ones focused on your industry.  Start by following blogs and topics that are appealing or relate to your business and eventually pitch them an idea for a blog topic. This is a great way to get links back to your site.


Build Links to Your Site

Links pointing to your web site help drive traffic and shows search engines such as Google that you are a noteworthy, good site, thus helping your ranking. Developing a good linking strategy can be extremely time consuming but is worth it.  Never buy them, as Google continues to weed out bad links, you’ll quickly get blacklisted and ruin your reputation further.

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