• 7 Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation Using Twitter

    7 Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation Using Twitter

    Can 140 Characters Really Matter To Your Reputation?

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    Yes, especially when it comes to Twitter.

    It’s an important online reputation management tool because tweets could show up Google searches, and this can really help in suppressing negative links or untruths that appear online about you.

    Also, as a result of all this good information flooding the web, clients see you as an expert in your field, which makes it easier for them to choose you over the competition.

    In other words, it means business.

    Whether you are building a reputation or repairing one, the keys are to tweet worthy info (really important), stay away from controversy, and connect with the right people–influencers.

    So, here are seven solutions solutions that can help your reputation.

    1. Tweet Good Information

    Create a content strategy plan for your tweets.  All Tweets should be of high quality and relate specifically to your industry. Share important news, comment on others, answer common questions, give away information and be honest.  Subscribe to trusted blogs in your industry and review these daily looking for high quality links to share.

    2. Follow Leaders

    Track down influential leaders in your industry and follow them.  This should be a top priority because if a key person retweets your message, it can be spread to many, many others.  Go for quality rather than quantity. Search for influencers on sites like klout.com by topic and use Twitter Search to find relevant conversations that you can join. It’s an easy way to jump-start your list of great people to follow.  Remember, if you follow someone, they are more likely to follow you, which is also very helpful.

    3. Don’t Be Controversial

    Now is not the time for personal rants. It may be tempting to respond to negative comments, but that could inflame the war.  Since tweets will be showing up in Google search results, this would leave an embarrassing trail online for all to see, making things worse.

    4. Be Responsive

    Have you ever called a company with a question, and get put on hold?  People now use Twitter as customer service, freely complaining, mentioning problems, or looking for help.  It is imperative to read your feed and respond immediately or within an hour.  Not do so could further impact your online reputation.  Remember to be professional, honest, and address the issue.

    5. Use Daily

    Be consistent and very active on a daily basis.  Creating an account and just letting it sit idle won’t really help, especially if you need to repair a damaged online reputation.  On average, try to tweet several times a day.

    6. Mention Followers

    Connect with your contacts via @mention. Google–and people–look for engagement, so using the [email protected] is a way to get their attention and for them to see your message.

    7. Make a List and Connect

    Create a list in Twitter of important people to follow.  Although this might not directly help your online reputation, I can’t tell you how help this has been.  Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in information overload, so clearly identifying key followers helps keep the focus. Review it daily and connect.


    Fee free to reach out if you’ve any questions on how to use Twitter to build or help repair your online reputation. 

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