• Online Reputation Management Tips: Dont Click and Three Other Suggestions

    Online Reputation Management Tips

    1. Don’t Click.  If you come across a negative post that impacts your online reputation: dont click.  I know, its tempting, but don’t do it.  If you open the negative blog post or comment, you are only making it more popular and giving it more credibility.
    2. Don’t Comment.  Also tempting, but don’t make follow-up comments.  You may feel its important or even necessary to respond to a posting but that often fans the flames.  It also just makes the original post even more popular.
    3. Do Try and Remove Negative Posts. Its rare, frankly, but it is possible to remove SOME posts if they violate copyrights or if its a deadlink.
    4. Do Add Positive Comments.  This is the main solution: just add more good things about you.  How?  That can be complicated and time consuming, but just create good things about you and your business.

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