• SEO Strategist: Optimizing LinkedIn for Searching for Small Businesses

    SEO Strategist: Optimizing LinkedIn for Searching for Small Businesses

    LinkedIn has become the place for businesses to connect and network, and is a powerful resource if harnessed correctly.  If you are not on LinkedIn, join; if you are already joined, review your settings.

    But where do you rank in LinkedIn?  Are you on the first page of the search results?  If not, here are some tips to improve your visibility.

    • Keywords for LinkedIn to help you rank.

    Keywords are crucial.  The more focused the better.

    Choosing keywords or search terms are crucial and the more focused the better.  Getting the right terms are based on SEO to a certain degree but start with how you think others would search for you on Google. Think about the words your ideal client would use to search for you. What industry are you focused on? Is your focus on a particular country, region, or city?

    Once you have your keywords, you can start to add them.

    You may be tempted to enter “CEO,” “Vice President,” “Owner,” “Looking for work,” or some other generic titles in the headline, but not many will search for those terms.  Instead, think what would describes you and how people will search for you. For example, use “New York City Art Photographer,” instead of, “photographer owner.

    • Current and Past Experience

    As with the headline, your work experience should include your keywords.  Sure your job title could have been “assistant manager,” but how many people will actually type that in with the hope of finding you? Use keywords in the job title and in the job description.

    Be authentic and include keyword with as many jobs as possible. People who find you through a search will read your profile and will know if you are being real or if you are trying to play the system. You want a clean profile that represents you and your background, while embracing the power of keywords.

    • Summary and specialties

    Your personal summary is also a place to include your main keyword, as appropriate. The summary is like a letter of introduction to those who view your profile. It needs to be professional and conversational while using keyword.

    The specialties section lets you create a list of several specialties. Again, you want to include your keywords here in a clean way. Spread out the items in the list, so your keyword doesn’t appear several times in a row. Be honest and straightforward, while giving a bit of thought to how to best represent yourself and your skills.



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