• Need to Know More About Online Reputation Management? Available for Talks, Lectures, Seminars

    Need to Know More About Online Reputation Management? Available for Talks, Lectures, Seminars

    Does Your Business or Group Want to Know More About Online Reputation Management?

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    Recover Reputation and myself, Steve Giovinco, are available to come to your business to give a talk, lecture or seminar, or be part of a panel, lunch meeting or casual discussion about what is online reputation management, how to recover and repair it, why it’s important, and ways to defensively protect yourself.

    Online Reputation Management Talk or Seminar Topics

    • What is online reputation management
    • How its different but related to search engine optimization
    • Why is online reputation management important today in business
    • What to do if someone writes a defamatory comment online and it shows up on the first page of Google search
    • How to possibly remove the post or review
    • Ways of adding positive content—not reviews—to inundate the web and push down the negative information
    • How to develop and effective blog that addresses online reputation management
    • Preventative measures including online brand building
    • What can be done on one’s own and when a professional might be needed
    • General question and answers

    Since each business or association is different and might require different tools or approaches, each talk would be customized or slightly different.

    What is Online Reputation Management

    Briefly, your online reputation IS your reputation today.  The first thing someone does these days when taking a phone call is go to Google and do a search.

    Reasons for Negative Comments

    If negative information comes up on the first search page—whether it be from a competitor trying to discredit your business, a disgruntled employee, or a legitimate but correctable complaint—that person will think twice about engaging with you or your business, and this impacts your bottom line.

    Prospective Employees Stats

    For example, for prospective employees, CareerBuilder.com conducted a survey and found that 25% of hiring managers used search engines to screen candidates. And according to a 2010 study by Microsoft and Cross-Tab Market Research, 70 percent of companies have rejected candidates because of to their online reputation.

    How to Address Negative Online Information

    If you discover a negative online post, don’t panic.  But know that it could get worse as time goes on since more people are likely to click on it.  Think about the post: is it malicious or honestly, is there some merit to it.

    Also, what does your current online reputation look like.  For example, do you have a web site, active social media accounts, blogs, etc.  If you don’t, now is the time to develop them; if you do, expand them and add more content.  You might need to engage with a professional, however, to address the problem.

    Online Branding

    One defensive approach is to build your online brand.  This includes blog creation, press release and article writing, social media activity—all in an effort to build good content about you and your business.

    Feel free to give me a ring to chat about your issue or concern as well—I’m very open to any questions your might have about online reputation management and would love to arrange a talk, lecture or seminar.

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